Episode 5: When it Matters

Today we release episode 5 of our video series, Shenna Bellows in her Own Words, titled “When it Matters.”
Shenna has been trying to make it seem like Senator Collins supports “defunding” Planned Parenthood.  She cites the Senator’s vote on a $1 trillion omnibus continuing resolution, which failed to pass the Senate.  In addition, Shenna has inaccurately been expanding her story to say that Senator Olympia Snowe voted the other way on this CR (she didn’t – both Maine Senators voted the same way).
At the Bill Clinton/Mike Michaud rally in Portland, Shenna took this one step further.  Shenna said, “we can’t afford a senator who, when it matters, voted to defund Planned Parenthood.”
This just wasn’t the case.  There was a clean, straight up or down vote on defunding, and Senator Collins voted no. 
Here is the irony – in a letter, the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, thanked Senator Collins for her efforts in support of their organization saying of the legislative victory:  “We could not have done it without you.” 
Interestingly, Planned Parenthood called this vote, “the most dangerous legislative attack in our 95-year history.”  It could not be more clear when “it matter[ed]” to Planned Parenthood.
Here is the roll call vote: